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Text adaptation: Aftereffects for word-identity and handwriting-style ...
Adaptation for word stimuli has been less investigated: if word aftereffects . to investigate aftereffects for two orthogonal properties of text, word identity and . In one block, the adaptor and test had the same handwriting, differed in the second.

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It looks bumpy and you can see a lot of patches;even some potholes

Adobe After Effects * Expression examples
Acrobat; Acrobat.com; After Effects; AIR; Audition; Bridge; Business Catalyst; Captivate . of strings so that a layer's Source Text property can be set to a specific word from a list. . Expression example: Position one layer between two others .

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Kinetic Typography Tutorial | The Crooked Gremlins
Sep 1, 2008 . As promised, the After Effects, Illustrator and audio files are now . Advanced Tip If your source audio has more than one person speaking in it, it's a good idea to use two different . Step 2: Moving the words to their own layers .

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August 9

Aftereffect - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster
Definition of aftereffect from Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary with examples and pronunciations. . View your list of saved words. (You can log in using . an effect that follows its cause after an interval <the aftereffects of surgery>. 2 .

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When do you need to use a hyphen for compound words?
"the adolescents resided in two parent homes" means that two homes served as residences, . an abbreviation: pre-UCS trial; more than one word: non- achievement-oriented students . aftereffect; extracurricular; multiphase; socioeconomic .

Cognitive Psychology
The retina consists of two general types of photoreceptors: 125 million rods and 6 million cones. . An after-effect will appear in the form of green patch of colour. . a word if one or two of its letters became partially obscured by an ink blob.

Wiggle Only One Direction - ProVideo Coalition.com
Feb 12, 2012 . Wiggle a multi-dimensional property in only one direction. image. The most popular After Effects expression that nearly EVERYONE uses or at the very least, has used once in their . Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle .

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Morphing word into complex shape : Adobe After Effects
Morphing word into complex shape - Creative COW's user support and discussion forum . the each part of the broken up word into one of the different continent sections. . There are two tricky things when doing this however.

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Originally Posted by wO_Ow View Post
It looks bumps and you can see a lot of patches;even some potholes

How to Animate the Character Offset in Adobe After Effects 7 video ...
Now, if you scrub back and forth just between those two points, you can see After Effects is keeping one word up to the first keyframe and the second word after .

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Immediate Priming and Cognitive Aftereffects
instance, contrast the rapidity of perceptual aftereffects for. Figure 2 with the phenomena of semantic satiation (e.g., saying. “dog, dog, dog” until the word loses .

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Millions still feeling Ike's aftereffects - USATODAY.com
Sep 16, 2008 . Landress Pouncy, right, whose house is the only one on her block in Houston with power, . Or, text the word "Give" to 24357 (2HELP) to donate $5. . at oughly two dozen supply distribution centers for food, water and ice.

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After Effects Compositing Basics
After Effects Compositing Basics. 2 these as they are usually where you will find things you thought were lost! To avoid confusion, a word about nomenclature .

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increasing friction increases safety speed
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Communications Stylebook: Writing Guide | Communications ...
Words that include "Web" - One word or two? It's "Web page," but per the AP Stylebook, it's webcam, webcast, website and webmaster (Also note which words .

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Originally Posted by shree711 View Post

Expressions - Vectors and Arrays
This happens because position uses two values–x and y coordinates–while . Many of After Effects' parameters are vectors, including position, anchor point, and . You could create an array of objects, an array of words, or an array that held a mix: . If you have an array, you can extract just one of its values by following the .

lol ok
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Using Audio To Control Effects Part 2: The Elegant Approach ...
The More Elegant Approach - This follow-on AE tutorial to the previous one, which . Just one word, GENIOUS! . The Workmanlike Approach - This is the first of 2 After Effects tutorials which do the same thing but with slightly different methods.

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Part 1 - Animation and Compositing Basics | Classroom: Basic ...
Sep 14, 2010 . This first episode covers animation terminology, the After Effects workspace, . In part 2 of this series, you'll continue to expand your knowledge of Adobe After . to create the illusion of everything existing in one unified environment. . This works very much the same way as it would in any other word .

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After Effects Help | Creating and editing text layers
3D text layers can optionally contain 3D sublayers, one for each character. . After Effects uses two kinds of text: point text and paragraph text. Point text is useful for entering a single word or a line of characters; paragraph text is useful for .

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Dichoptically viewed colour aftereffects produced by monocular - NCBI
Stimuli used in condition 2 were similar except that they were white line patterns . In fact, the following four kinds of responses were obtained: (i) two colour aftereffects, one seen by each eye, ie a . (ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) .

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Adobe After Effects * Cameras, lights, and points of interest
A one-node camera orients around itself, whereas a two-node camera has a . In other words, a layer that is the Zoom distance away appears at its full size, .

Adobe After Effects - Using Track Mattes
One of the things that sets After Effects apart from most editing programs is its . Figure 2. At the bottom of the Timeline, click on the words "Switches/Modes" to .

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Adobe After Effects * Importing and interpreting video and audio
When you apply 3:2 pulldown to footage, one frame of the film . so that effects you apply in After Effects don't appear distorted. . In other words, if you have an asset that has multiple .

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One thing I found surprising and annoying is that two wheelers will be allowed on aftereffect one word or two

After Effects, a harry potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Mar 30, 2012 . B s . A A A, full 3/4 1/2, E E, Light Dark . He couldn't think of anything but the one thing his father had told him never to do. Apologise. . The word left her mouth before she could stop it and a warm blush tinged her cheeks.

After Effects Apprentice - Class on Demand Online Courses
After Effects Apprentice Complete Bundle (15 courses with Chris and Trish . TRT:2:22. Quizzler Challenges. TRT:1:09. Quizzler Solution #1: One Word at a .

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After Effects Expressions Simplified - Creative COW
In this After Effects tutorial from The Creative COW Magazine, see through the . The operative word here is `anyone' - and in this case, I do mean just about anyone. . Easy enough, I can tint one and then copy and paste the effect to each of the 19 . The next two values indicate the parameter range to be considered, in this .

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Animating Text in Adobe After Effects
May 4, 2011 . If you'd like to drop in letters one-by-one, go to the Timeline panel at the bottom and . You can also have each word drop in separately by expanding . Next to the Anchor Point layer in your layer panel, the two values signify .

Originally Posted by Kilo Delta View Post
One thing I found surprising and annoying is that two wheelers will be allowed on aftereffect one word or two

Two forms of aftereffects induced by transparent motion reveal ...
Apr 13, 2012 . 2Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA . The segregated MAE yielded an aftereffect opposite to one of the adapting . In other words, the test locations were empty during adaptation (see .

Spelling - United Nations Editorial Manual Online
Fractions expressed in words are not hyphenated (e.g. one third of the total) unless they are used as adjectives . Compound adjectives in which the first word ends in –ly are not hyphenated (e.g. environmentally sustainable growth). . after-effect . turn out (verb) turnout (noun) turn over (verb) turnover (noun) two- faced .

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Moving Text (kinetic typography) tutorial PART 1 - YouTube
Dec 17, 2010 . Part One of the After Effects Kinetic Typography tutorial. . but in between them my words zoom out and then promptly back in before returning .

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After Effects Help | Shape attributes, paint operations, and path ...
Acrobat; Acrobat.com; After Effects; AIR; Audition; Bridge; Business Catalyst . After Effects uses one of two rules to determine what is considered inside a path for the purpose of creating fills. . In other words, you can repeat the Repeater.

Regeneration - TARDIS Index File, the Doctor Who Wiki
1.2.1 Appearance; 1.2.2 Physical and mental change; 1.2.3 After-effects . One theory held that Cardinal Rassilon had been investigating a method of . In other words, the TARDIS-generated energy that killed the Ninth Doctor was also .

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After Effects for Beginners: Getting Started
Dec 30, 2008 . You will learn all the basics you need to be able to use After Effects and . I numbered the menu items to say one or two words to each of them: .

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After Effects Expressions
344. PART 2 Foundations for Advanced Expressions. Words from a List. A client gave me a list of foods. He wanted one word from the list to be dis- played every .

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After Effects Bouncing Karaoke Ball Using Expressions | David ...
Jul 7, 2012 . On a Mac, your preset folder is in “Documents/Adobe/After Effects CSX/User . beat detection and eliminate the need for these first two parameters. . The following parameters deal with how it moves from one word to the next: .

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Semantic satiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. them out loud, and bilingual translations of words repeated in one of the two languages. . "Cortical inhibition, figural after-effect, and theory of personality".

Audio in After Effects - Video Copilot
Essentially there are 2 ways to preview audio in AE, first you can play just the audio . an audio track and Press LL on the keyboard; one L will display the amplitude. . Chamomile (I hope it's the right English word) tea and honey will help you.

Adobe After Effects * Expression basics
Note: Two sources of example expressions are the Expression Sampler template project . same layer, and you drag the pick whip to one of them, After Effects renames it “Mask 2”. . Spaces between words are ignored, except within a string.

VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage ...
Use Action Essentials 2 and make Sam explode. VIEW · 335 . Andrew I have Just One word for u you are the 'KING' of After Effects. Thanks for support, be in .

Adobe After Effects * Formatting characters and the Character panel
If more than one copy of a font is installed on your computer, an abbreviation follows . be non-breaking, the characters animate together as if they were a single word. . For fonts for which metrics kerning provides inadequate results, or for two .

Adobe After Effects - Using Time Remapping
When time-remapping is applied to a layer, After Effects automatically sets two keyframes for the Time Remap property — one at the layer's in point, and one at .

Path Text: Advanced Settings : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
With version 5.5 of After Effects, Adobe has included some new features in . Choose your favorite font, and type in a nice long message, such as the one shown. . Adjust your Control Points, Size, and Line Spacing until your words more or . Randomly set some keyframes between your two "Visible Character" keyframes, .

Adobe After Effects Color Correction Tutorials
Get training at Creative COW with many of our Adobe After Effects Color Correction video tutorials. . a title sequence within the 360 degree environment created in part one of this tutorial series. . They say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Making Letters and Words Move: Video Titles in After Effects by ...
Feb 9, 2010 . Adobe® After Effects® and other video editors provide you with maximum . is available for both the Mac and PC and matches from one platform to the other. . The triangle will rotate to point downward and you'll see two lines .

After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker - YouTube
May 8, 2012 . After Effects CS6: http://goo.gl/qfymR . An add or? a subtract one? MattsMacintosh in reply to Jiri Solomon (Show the comment) 2 days ago . The Word Alive Full Set Live in HDby daniel morales15,712 views · Cyberoptics .

MAKING TEXT FLY : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
When Marcus Gedult teaches After Effects, students often ask him if there's a way to make letters fly onto the screen from multiple directions and form a word. . have to trick the cannon into stopping by setting one of its vital properties to zero: 2.

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Gibson (1937) Adaptation, after-effect and contrast in the perception ...
An essential element in visual perception is one indicated by the terms edge, . line, may be said to have two characteristics: its shape, straight, curved, or 'bent,' and its . In other words, the after-effect could be made to appear on a horizontal .

Adobe After Effects Text Tutorials
Get training at Creative COW with many of our Adobe After Effects Text video tutorials. . AE Basics 48: Paint 2: Panel Options: One . often ask him if there's a way to make letters fly onto the screen from multiple directions and form a word.

Adobe After Effects * Distort effects
The CC Power Pin effect—one of the Cycore FX plug-ins included with After Effects—provides some additional features. For information, see the Cycore website.

Random Motion
Randomness is one of the most asked about uses of expressions and After effects gives us a . As an example, these two expressions will generate completely different . Internally After Effects somehow modifies the seed so that it is unique for each . In other words, our expression has to start at frame zero and recalculate .

After Effects Help | Alpha channels, masks, and mattes
Some programs can store multiple alpha channels in one image, but After Effects only . For example, you can set a mask mode that combines two masks and sets the . In other words, the opaque areas of the layer with this option selected .

Final Cut Express: Travel Matte Alpha – How to Use This Awesome ...
2. Place your text on top of the background element. I highly suggest that you use BIG . 5-6 minutes – and we have one more way to add interest to our videos. . I do my best to make sure everything is clear, so I appreciate the kind words . Great Video Izzy, I knew how to do this in After Effects but not Final Cut, Thanks!

Expression Shorts - Swinging Motion - Math.sin() part 2
Feb 25, 2012 . For part 2 of Swinging Motion, I'm gonna step it up a notch and show you how to add . to simple text, then copy that and paste that into your Expression field in After Effects. . The expression is nearly identical to the one used in part 1, but it is how all the layers . Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle .

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Adobe After Effects * Examples and resources for text animation
This two-part tutorial also demonstrates how to use text animators and selectors to . Animating the offset values for the characters in the word Galaxy . and Line Anchor animator properties, you can easily move all but one or a few characters.

Adobe After Effects * Preparing and importing 3D image files
After Effects CS5.5, and earlier can import these 3D object layers in PSD files . For each Maya file you import, After Effects creates either one or two compositions: . it if the name of a Maya locator node contains the word Null , NULL , or null .

nesting compositions - 1 : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
This is in the Basics of After Effects Series. . called nesting--putting one or more compositions into another composition. . in country borders, highlight France, and have the word "FRANCE" appear. . AE Basics 54: Motion Tracking Part 2 .

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Vomiting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The feeling that one is about to vomit is called nausea, which usually . Vomiting is different from regurgitation, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. . the next morning, suffering from the after-effects, i.e., the hangover). opioids . http://onlineslangdictionary.com/thesaurus/words+meaning +to+vomit.html .

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2. Go to the Effects&Presets panel, type "zoom forward" in the search . "Based On" option and it allows you to switch character(letter) mode and word mode. . In this tutorial, you will be creating a titling animation like the one you have just seen ;. 1. . layer with the null object; the reason we are doing this is that in After Effect, .

Adobe Creative Suite Premiere After Effects Spellfury Season Two ...
Spellfury Season 2 Episode 1 - Mum's the Word from wheresthesoup Own the Season One DVD with Special Features and audio commentary: .

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Ease and Wizz : An After Effects palette for smoother easing
Ease and Wizz is a free After Effects extension that provides more varieties of easing. . One advantage of using an expression for easing is that the keyframes are . it's possible to apply the expression to all keyframes instead of just the first two. . word “mail”, and stick it on to the domain “ianhaigh.com” with an “at” symbol, .

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The Pen Tool : Adobe After Effects basics Tutorial
only few people have ability to take control of others(make one get attracted )one is you.. "its very tough . Thank you for your warm words, I'm glad to hear my stuff is helping you :-). Reply · Like . AE Basics 49: Paint 3 Panel Options Part TWO .

Adobe After Effects * Formatting paragraphs and the Paragraph panel
You can align text to one edge of a paragraph (left, center, or right for horizontal . Using the word spacing, letter spacing, and glyph spacing options you've selected, . After Effects offers two composition methods, which you choose from the .

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40 Wedding Templates Using After Effects
A wedding is a solemn ceremony that unites two souls in marriage or similiar institution. . day with a sweeter compilation of great and unforgettable moments and make your loved one feel how special they are. . Wedding Particles Words .

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Adobe After Effects CS6 Video Cards with CUDA Acceleration Ray ...
Jun 4, 2012 . Note: This FAQ article is for Adobe Premiere, but the on board sound fix will be the same. . 1. Start After Effects CS6 2. Select EDIT at the top of the screen and a drop . In other words, the GTS450 would be slightly fast. Also .

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Consequence Synonyms, Consequence Antonyms | Thesaurus.com
Dictionary and Word of the Day. . Synonyms: aftereffect, aftermath, bottom line, can of worms, chain reaction, effect, end, event, fallout, follow through, follow-up, .

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cooooool pics
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The Language - Part I
After Effects makes extensive use of JavaScript's implementation of arrays. . After Effects uses to store the values in is a one-dimensional array with two elements . In other words, what we would get in our example would be the initial Position .

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Originally Posted by varunssc View Post

Zaxwerks Blog
Jul 9, 2012 . Drop the fragments and watch one word turn into another. This can be done . 3D Flag version 2 is compatible with After Effects CS3 – CS6.

Thanks for your insight .

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Adobe After Effects CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts
Adobe After Effects CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts for Macintosh at keyxl.com. . Optn+ Shft+1, Optn+Shft+2, Optn+Shft+3, Show colorized red, green, or blue channel . or Cmnd+Shft+DownArrow, Extend or reduce selection one word up ordown in .

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After Effects CS6 Essential Training | Video Tutorial from lynda.com
This lynda.com tutorial introduces After Effects CS6 and the world of . Two real- world example projects demonstrate keying green screen footage and . Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals . Use quotes around multi-word tags.

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Adobe After Effects Particle Tutorials
Get training at Creative COW with many of our Adobe After Effects Particle video tutorials. . Working in 3D Part 2: Setting up a Static 3D Particle System . Part One details how to animate the Layer Offset in particleIllusion to eliminate . a way to make letters fly onto the screen from multiple directions and form a word.

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Adobe After Effects * Editing, moving, and copying keyframes
Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) two keyframes in layer bar mode to display the duration between them in the Info panel. . You can copy keyframes from only one layer at a time. . In other words, you make an absolute change.

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Premiere Pro: Matching Cameras & Composit Elements in AE ...
. in After Effects both to get excellent colour matching result in After Effects and . In this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows one approach to matching footage from . As producers for two TV shows for the Pursuit Network, Robbie Coblentz and . When word leaked out of a CS6 trial release, David took Premiere Pro 6 for a spin.

Expression Shorts - ProVideo Coalition.com
Mar 18, 2012 . Expression Shorts - Auto Center A Layer Between Two Moving Layers . the Expression code into a blank simple text document, NOT a rich text one, first to convert all code to simple text, then copy that and paste that into your Expression field in After Effects. . Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle .

Adobe After Effects CS5.5 user reviews and ratings - CNET ...
Read user reviews, ratings, and comments for Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and other . the trial download is 2 files and when trying to run setup after the install,... you get an error . "Worth the money and then some...one word: Rotobrush." .

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About text layers > Animating Text in Adobe After Effects 7.0
You can even animate individual characters or words in a text layer. . After Effects uses two types of text: point text and paragraph text. . of characters; paragraph text is useful for entering and formatting the text as one or more paragraphs.

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Originally Posted by su_hyd View Post

Expression Shorts - Auto Fade Layer - ProVideo Coalition.com
Jan 22, 2012 . There are two versions of this code, the one we are using requires five input values, like so… linear(time, tMin . Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle . Motion Tracking and Green Screen with After Effects & Mocha AE .

Expression Shorts - ProVideo Coalition.com
Feb 5, 2012 . toFixed(2); will truncate the number down to two decimal places. . in Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle, it will convert a number to a whole integer . We are combining our variables together to create one long sentence basically. x . Motion Tracking and Green Screen with After Effects & Mocha AE .

Kinetic Typography :
You will be creating a kinetic typography video in After Effects where you will sync . The key to kinetic typography is syncing the words to the audio and giving your . If there is more than one person talking it is a good idea to use two different .

After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics | Video Tutorial from lynda.com
Integrating Photoshop into the After Effects workflow is also highlighted. Exercise files . 2. Efficiency-Increasing Tips and Tricks 16m 42s. Using this chapter 20s. Two methods . Use quotes around multi-word tags. Suggested . If this course is one of your five classes, then your class currently isn't in session. If you want to .

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Expression Shorts - Auto Layer Offset 3D part 2 - ProVideo Coalition ...
Mar 4, 2012 . In part 2 of this episode, we look at creating the same layer offset in 3D by adding an extra control for the Z axis. . text document, NOT a rich text one, first to convert all code to simple text, then copy that and paste that into your Expression field in After Effects. . Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle .

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Adobe After Effects CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts
Adobe After Effects CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts for Macintosh at keyxl.com. . Optn+ Shft+1, Optn+Shft+2, Optn+Shft+3, Show colorized red, green, or blue . move insertion point one character left or right; one line up or down; one word left or .

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Episode 1 - Intro to After Effects, Soundbooth and Adobe Premiere ...
Apr 6, 2008 . Wish you could render After Effects comps in the background? . In this Premiere Pro Basics series we'll cover these two useful and powerful features. . Episode 20 - Creating a key when there isn't one - Rotoscoping. Heard about the word ' rotoscoping' but not sure what it's about or what to use it for?

Adobe InDesign * Text composition
Acrobat; Acrobat.com; After Effects; AIR; Audition; Bridge; Business Catalyst; Captivate . Using the word spacing, letterspacing, glyph scaling, and hyphenation options . InDesign offers two composition methods: Adobe Paragraph Composer (the default) . Offers a traditional approach to composing text one line at a time.

Light Streaks 2 - VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins ...
Learn the basics of After Effects 6.5. . Have two particle layers (one on top of the layer that you want to obscure it in 3D . I HAVE NO WORDS FOR YOU.

7 Tips for HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction | Hurlbut ...
Jan 20, 2012 . Every program uses one of the 3 naming conventions above, but in . TIP #2 – TRUST THE WAVEFORM, VECTROSCOPE and PARADE SCOPES . Sometimes it feels easy to raise the EXPOSURE in Premiere or After Effects to brighten . I really appreciate your words and I hope you learned at least 1 tip .

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Opening After Effects Projects in an Earlier Version - GeneralSpecialist
So you want to open a project saved in After Effects CS3 in an earlier version like After . when they render them out, animation is off by about a one second delay. . using with the word processor and look for any difference between the two.

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